What Are the Benefits of Helping Others?

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There are many ways that we can help others. The possibilities are nearly endless, including but not limited to giving our time, money, and kindness. When we set out to do something that will benefit others, it is usually clear in what way we are helping them.

What is not clear are the benefits that helping others gives to you. You might not know it, but by helping others you can help yourself too. Below we have listed several ways that you can motivate yourself to help others.

Giving to others can help you feel good: You might find it hard to believe but giving to others can help you feel good and relieve stress. This is due to the feeling of accomplishment that you get after you have given something to someone.

This feeling of happiness is meant to encourage you to continue to give your time and/or resources to others who can greatly value it. This in turn can help add a deeper value to your life by motivating you to help others again in the future.

In the world today, there are several reasons why you might hesitate to give your time and/or resources to others. The first would be that people might exploit you. The second could be you may fear that you will have less. Third, if you are donating resources, then you might worry about where they will end up.

Though these are all valid concerns, you must not let them stop you from giving. The best way to combat these concerns is by becoming informed, which will allow you to make an educated decision. You can also go out into your community and find which organizations need volunteers the most. Once you have identified these organizations, you can then donate your time to them.  

If you are looking to donate money, then you can find a charity that is appropriate for your interests, and then do further research about where your money would be going. If you are satisfied with the answers that you find from your research, then proceed to donate. As for the fear that you will have less, Ann Frank once said “Nobody became poor by giving.”

If you genuinely want to give money but feel that your contribution will not be enough, do not worry! It is good to remember that when donating every little bit helps, and there is never a minimum or maximum required.

Pay it forward: Paying it forward is a concept that is meant to motivate you to help others around you. Paying it forward means that whenever someone does something kind for you, you then in turn go and do something kind for another.

You do not need to have a specific task in mind. Some examples may include smiling at someone or holding the door for a stranger. When you have the pay it forward mentality, you will end up feeling grateful for those who helped you and happier in general.

Adding value to others: Adding value to others is a great way to help better their lives. We all have our talents. Sharing them with others will not only help them to improve, but it might end up helping you to be better as well. There are many ways that you can add value to others.

The first way is with your words. Your words are very important because they have a lot of power. A compliment to a stranger might change their day for the better, whereas an insult could change their day in a negative way. It is important to always have a positive mindset and say things to others that are constructive.

The second way is with your actions. Sometimes people are too embarrassed to ask for help even though they might need it. One way to help them overcome this is to be proactive and offer to help before the need arises for them to ask. This might open them up to accepting your generosity.

Doing this might lead to you establishing a positive relationship with them, which will make them feel more comfortable about asking for your help in the future. This type of relationship is beneficial for both parties and it allows you to add value to the life of another person.

Establish relationships:  Many of us have had mentors in our lives, including but not limited to coaches, teachers, parents, relatives, and friends. Their influence has helped make us into the person who we are today. Take the things that you have learned from your mentors and apply them to establish relationships with others in the present and future.

Every day we have many different interactions with people. Some might be large, such as sharing a meal with your family or going to a social event. Others might be small, such as an encounter with a cashier at the supermarket or smiling at a stranger on the bus as they sit across from you.

Each interaction that we have with another person allows us to create some sort of relationship. They might become long or short but regardless, we are starting the process of supporting them on their journey. Establishing a relationship with someone may end up benefitting both of you someday.

It is important to strive to help others as much as you can, as it benefits not just them but ourselves. There are many ways to help those around us in both big and small ways. It is important to remember that helping others is not a competition. It does not matter if the amount of money that you give to a charity is a large or small donation. What matters is that you take the incentive to help those around you. Every day brings new opportunities to help those around us.

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